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      Phil plays a King Super 20 Tenor and Alto,    and a Selmer Balanced Action Tenor.
biography biography
Phil   Stöckli   was   born   1973   in   Basel,   Switzerland   and   started   playing   the   alto   saxophone   at   age   thirteen.   He   showed   an   early interest   in   improvisation   and   commenced   his   jazz   studies   at   the   age   of   sixteen   at   the   Jazz   School   Zürich   with   Thomas Grünwald,   before   attending   the   Swiss   Jazz   School   in   Bern   1.5   years   later.   At   the   age   of   twenty,   Phil   moved   to   Boston   and enrolled   at   Berklee   College   of   Music.   His   sax   teachers   included   Joe   Viola,   George   Garzone   und   Andy   McGhee   among others. In addition, he studied privately with saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi for about three years. While   working   with   different   local   Boston   bands   -   styles   range   from   R&B,   Blues,   Top40,   Jazz,   Funk   or   Reggae   -   he   also founded the Phil Stöckli Sextet, and organized a first tour 1995 in Switzerland. In   1996,   tours   to   Turkey,   Argentina   and   Brazil   followed   with   the   Sanlikol   Group   and   Mehmet   Ali   Sanlikol.    He   also   worked   on Carnival   Cruise   ships   in   the   Caribbean   and   with   Boston   local   legend   "Little   Joe"   Cook .   Subsequently   Phil   started   a   teaching position at "Central Music" in Brockton, MA. In 1997, he received his Bachelor's degree "Magna cum laude" from Berklee College. In   1998,   he   recorded   his   first   album   "The   Horizon"   for   the   BRAMBUS   label   with   Swiss   Flügelhornist   and   ENJA   recording   artist Franco Ambrosetti.    Trumpeter   Matthieu   Michel    (Vienna Art   Orchestra)   replaced Ambrosetti   on   the   following   two   tours   through Switzerland and Italy. In   the   fall   1999,   Phil   moved   to   New   York   City   and   played   with   many   musicians   from   the   young   local   Jazz   scene   such   as   Mike Moreno ,   Matt   Penman,    Jochen   Rueckert,    Pete   Rende ,   Jeff   Ballard ,   Guillerme   Monteiro ,   Anat   Cohen,    “The   Dells”   and   many more. In   the   end   of   1999,   Phil   performed   in   Rio   de   Janeiro,   Brazil   with   guitarist   Bernardo   Bosisio ,   bassist   Nico   Assumpção,   drummers   Kiko   Freitas    and   Carlos   Bala   at   “Mistura   Fina”.   In   2000,   Phil   performed   at   the   "Generations"   Festival   in   Frauenfeld, Switzerland   with   Benny   Golson,   Dusko   Goykovich,   Don   Friedman,   Brad   Leali,   Dani   Felber   and   Roman   Schwaller .   Soon thereafter,   Phil   started   teaching   at   the   "Westerhoff   School   of   Music"   in   Metuchen,   NJ.   In   January   2001,   Phil's   New   Swiss Quartet   was   invited   to   perform   at   the   "MIDEM"   in   Cannes   (France),   and   a   tour   of   Switzerland   followed,   featuring   original compositions.   The   band   included   Derek   Nievergelt   (b),   Chris   Wiesendanger   (p),   Oliver   Keller    (g)   and   Sebastiaan   deKrom (dr). In   July   2003,   Stöckli   released   his   new   album   "Third   Eye"   on   the   Fresh   Sound   New   Talent   l abel.   It   features   all   original compositions.   The   band   consists   of   some   of   New   York's   most   promising   young   players:   Jeff   Ballard    (Chick   Corea,   Kurt Rosenwinkel)   on   drums,   Matt   Penman, (Rosenwinkel,   Chris   Cheek)   on   bass,   Pete   Rende ,   (Chris   Cheek)   on   piano   and   Mike Moreno  (Jeff Watts, Greg Osby) on guitar. Apart   from   freelancing,   he   became   a   member   of   the   Haitian   Band   "System   Band".    With   them   and   other   Haitian   bands,   he   did many   recordings   and   performances   from   Haiti,   Montreal,   Boston,   Chicago,   Philadelphia,   Washington,   Miami,   Orlando,   to   the Bahamas,   New   York   and   Paris.   In   April   2003,   Phil's   Quintet   was   featured   at   the   Swiss   Peaks   Festival   in   NYC   with   a performance   at   the   BAM   cafe.   During   his   four   years   in   New   York   city,   Phil   has   also   studied   privately   with   saxophonists   Dick Oatts,   Vincent Herring and Steve Slagle . In   the   fall   of   2003,   Phil   returned   to   his   home   country   Switzerland   after   ten   years   in   the   United   States.   Between   2003-2004, Phil   was   member   of   the   "Swiss   Jazz   Orchestra"   -   a   professional   Big   Band   led   by   George   Robert    -   with   weekly   performances in   Bern   with   guests   like   Phil   Woods,    clarinetist   Buddy   deFranco,   trumpeter/arranger   Bert   Joris,   guitarist   Francis   Coletta   and arranger/composer   Rob   Pronk   among   others.   In   2006,   Phil   started   the   project   “Intuition” ,   commemorating   the   music   of   Lennie Tristano   with   old   friend   and   pianist   Michel   Beck.    Using   Tristanos   compositions,   they   put   together   a   program   of   contemporary arrangements   and   added   about   a   half   dozen   of   their   original   compositions.   The   band   members   were   saxophonist   Domenic Landolf ,   bassist   Andreas   Zitz   and   drummer   Elmar   Frey,    respectively   Claudio   Strüby.    The   collective   consequently   released   a CD titled “ Lennies line ” on the Altrisuoni label. In   2008,   Phil   was   asked   to   participate   in   a   philosophical   exchange   with   the   subject   Square   of   opposition”    in   Montreux, Switzerland.   Together   with   pianist   Michael   Beck,   bassist   Dominique   Girod   and   drummer   Dominic   Egli,   they   put   together   a programm of original compositions especially created for this occasion. Apart   from   being   a   composer   and   performer,   Phil   has   been   working   since   2000   as   a   regular   columnist   for   the   Swiss   Jazz Magazine "Jazz'n More" . Since   2003,   Phil   shifted   his   main   focus   from   music   onto   Psychology.   He   holds   a   Masters   and   PhD   in   Psychology,   and   is working as a Psychotherapist at Praevmedic  and his private practice .